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Aggressive, progressive change

is only possible when we elect the right people to the right offices at the right time.

To be progressive you must take actionable steps to break down historical injustices in favor of inclusion, equality, and justice. Derrick is the only candidate for Washtenaw County Sheriff with the necessary experience and proven ability to make the changes we need.

Pattern of Public Service:

For over two decades, Derrick has dedicated his life to service here in Washtenaw County. First working with our communities most vulnerable young people at Ozone house. Then as Chief Deputy Washtenaw County Clerk, ensuring our democracy’s protection at the county and local level as he oversaw elections, and for the past 14 years as the Director of Community Engagement at the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office. At every crisis, Derrick has been the voice on the inside of the Sheriff’s Office advocating for change, on the side of you and your neighbors, and for the diverse perspectives of Washtenaw County residents. From Ypsilanti to Manchester, from Northfield to Ann Arbor, Derrick has always been an active and leading voice for justice in our community.

Before there was a campaign, there was always a commitment to service.

14-years of real change at the sheriff's office. Not hopes and dreams but action and outcomes.

Critical Understanding of the Challenge:

The Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office is one of the largest government entities in Washtenaw County, and it is critical that the next Sheriff understands how the office works, how a $60 million budget functions, how to keep us safe, and how to ensure the best service is provided to all of Washtenaw County if we really want lasting progressive change. Derrick has been an instrumental force in shifting millions of dollars to alternative policing strategies and community-based interventions. Derrick has routinely advocated that police departments across Washtenaw County and our state adopt progressive police reforms. He knows how the budget works, understands the complexity of public safety and community wellness, and has relationships with the leaders in Lansing who can help pass more just laws and invest resources to break the historical chains of racial discrimination in our justice system.

Unique Mental Health Perspective:

Derrick is the only candidate in the race for Sheriff who not only has earned a Master of Social Work, but has decades of putting social work values into practice here in Washtenaw County. This experience, understanding the poverty-to-prison pipeline, seeing where basic safety net services are lacking, and recognizing the way trauma can perpetuate violence, drove Derrick to his current role within the Sheriff’s Office. Derrick has turned his passion for helping young people and vulnerable members of our community into real-world experience which makes him uniquely positioned to lead the Sheriff’s office with the understanding and compassion needed for real change to happen.

Before social work in policing was popular, Derrick was leading this work.

Simply put, elected leaders stand with Derrick because they know he is the right choice, the only choice, with the experience to ensure aggressive, progressive change is accomplished at the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office.