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Democrat For Sheriff

Derrick Jackson

Candidate for Washtenaw County Sheriff. Community-Oriented Police Officer. Social Worker. Husband. Father. Progressive leader and proven reformer.
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Why I'm Running!

My name is Derrick Jackson and I’m running to be the next Sheriff of Washtenaw County. For the past 14 years, I’ve had the honor of serving as the Director of Community Engagement for the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office, where I’m responsible for engaging all facets of our community and working to build a more just, more diverse, and more trusted sheriff’s office.

Having worked alongside criminal justice reformers like Sheriff Clayton for over a decade, I am excited by the opportunity we have at this moment to push this work forward. Our goals of making our community more just, our policing practices more focused on community policing, rehabilitation, implementing restorative justice across our county, and community-based solutions are possible. We’ve come a long way, but there is still much to be done. With Sheriff Claytons full support, I am the candidate with the experience to make these dreams reality, and I hope you will join me on this journey.

Our campaign will be bold - we have new ideas to make our community more accepting, safer, and that bring us together, not perpetuate division. It will be big - we will work to engage with residents from Manchester to Ypsilanti, and everywhere in between. And it will certainly be better with your help. That is why I am asking you to join me, and help continue to build a sheriff’s office that works for all Washtenaw County residents by voting Derrick Jackson for Sheriff in the Democratic Primary in August, 2024.

-Derrick Jackson

A Proven Reformer

As a leader in criminal justice reform, Derrick Jackson is one of the primary architects for the changes we’ve come to expect from the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office.

Justice Reinvestment

$4.7 MillionWhen Derrick began In 2008, the WCSO barely invested in diversion, deflection, community engagement, reentry, or alternatives to incarceration. Thanks to Derrick and his team, the WCSO now invests more than $4.7 million dollars each year.

Community Outreach

InnovationDerrick created the only known peer-led street outreach team embedded within a law enforcement agency. Credible messengers not only train officers on the importance of community, but they work to reduce recidivism, mitigate community disputes, and build bridges between police and the communities we serve.


Reduced RecidivismFrom 2008 to 2013 the recidivism rate in the county jail was as high as 63%. From 2020-2021 the rate was 46%. Derrick led implementation of the TJC reentry model at the sheriff’s office and with his team built a comprehensive and successful jail reentry program.


Alternatives To ArrestWhen Derrick began in 2008, the WCSO did not have a single diversion or deflection program. Now, there are many! LEADD, WeLIVE, Outreach, SURE, Co-Response Unit, Assessment Center, 24-hr crisis line, and the CARES Team are all tools law enforcement now have as an alternative to arrest.


Retaliation PreventionIt’s estimated 80 to 85% of the shootings in Washtenaw are retaliatory in nature. Derrick and his team created the WeLIVE violence interruption and retaliation prevention program. While investigators solve homicides at an astounding rate of 87%, trained credible messengers work to prevent retaliation from ever happening.

Gun Violence

Violence InterruptionSince the summer of 2021, Derrick has led the Community Violence Intervention Team (CVIT) in the development of the 14-point plan to save lives by ending gun violence in Washtenaw County. To end gun violence there must be both accountability and community investment. It’s about keeping people safe, getting guns off the street, and providing resources to those in need.

Just Policing

A New WayDerrick implemented a Problem-Oriented Policing philosophy. Which revolutionized the way we hire, promote, train, and serve Washtenaw County. No longer only crime fighters, we are problem solvers. Not simply law enforcement, we are police service professionals. Words that mean something. Actions which prove it.

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